Asset manager focused on acquiring, developing, financing, and managing US single-family homes

Lafayette was one of the first players in Build-for-Rent in 2019, which consists of developing and building new communities of single-family homes for the undersupplied rental market
Upgrading and expanding the rental inventory by acquiring and renovating scattered SFR homes and delivering them to the rental market
Fully vertically integrated in-house property management services to offer our residents a best-in-class tenant experience and strive for ultimate tenant satisfaction


Lafayette Real Estate is an asset management firm focused on the Single-Family Rental (SFR) space in the US and a vertically integrated owner-operator with a proven track record and unmatched depth of experience in SFR. We have invested in over 3,900 homes in eight core markets, mainly in high-growth Southeastern states.


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IRR across 4 realized investment vehicles

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Meet the team

Drawing strength from a variety of backgrounds

We believe our most compelling advantage is our people. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds, with professional experience in finance, legal, property management, construction, compliance and operations. This unique blend of talents – coupled with hard work and attention to detail – puts us in a position of unparalleled strength for assessing, investing in and managing real assets.

Business Lines

Vertically-Integrated SFR owner operator, investing across product types and strategies

Our vision is to address the housing shortage with two main strategies:

  • Build for Rent: Develop and build new communities of Single Family Homes for rent
  • SFR Rehab: Acquire and upgrade existing scattered homes and deliver them to the rental market

Although we decided to put Lafayette lending on hold and focus on our core equity strategies, we plan on launching a credit strategy focused on SFR soon.

Lafayette also provides property management services through its internal property management arm, Brandywine Homes USA.


A solid track record with unmatched depth of experience in SFR

Lafayette has been a pioneer in the SFR space since 2011, generating best-in-class IRRs coupled with low delinquency rates, short leasing times, and high renewal rates, reflecting our commitment to resident satisfaction.


March 3, 2023

Lafayette attended the (Information Management Network (IMN) Build-to-Rent, Land & Homebuilding Forum

Christopher Mataja Mataja, COO, Cyrus Shahabi, Chief of Staff, and Diego B. Benetti, Senior Analyst, attended the (Information Management Network (IMN) Build-to-Rent, Land & Homebuilding Forum in Nashville on March 2nd/3rd, an event that...
February 8, 2023

Lafayette RE LLC’s Head of Build For Rent, attended the Information Management Network (IMN)’s ESG & Decarbonizing Real Estate Forum in Nashville, an event that brings together key ESG stakeholders within Real Estate

Earlier this month, Jason Besse, CFA, Lafayette RE LLC's Head of Build For Rent, attended the Information Management Network (IMN)’s ESG & Decarbonizing Real Estate Forum in Nashville, an event that brings...